This wall decoration is made from the inserts of the brick mould. In many Indian wooden bricks, you will find an imprinted number, symbol or letter. When we buy the brick moulds from our supplier, we ask for these to be removed, so that the mould will appear “empty”. Instead the numbers, symbols and letters are used in these wall decors, which is also the reason they are mirrored, as they would appear readably printed on a finished brick. The type of wood will vary, and all of the wall decors are with different numbers, symbols and letters. You may find marks and cracks in the wood, as the parts have been used in the brick moulds. Please note that the wall décor is quite heavy, as it is produced in solid wood.


  • Net weight: 5kg
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Brown / Amber
  • Dimensions in cm: W: 40,5 H: 122 D: 3
  • Delivery time: within 4 weeks


Unique Wall Deco



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