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  • One Mirror

Oval: 30x60 cm, Round: 50 cm, Rectangular: 30x50 cm

Mirror You is a series of hanging wall mirrors in three different shapes, to be hung on our small Wood Knot hooks.

Instead of a frame, the mirrors have finely polished edges and a CNC precision-cut hole for hanging, which gives them a unique feeling of airiness.

A variety of sizes allows for immense flexibility: one or more mirrors can be hung side by side in the bathroom, hallway or living room. The CNC-cut hole allows simple hanging on the Wood Knot Small hook.


  • One Towel Rack

The Towel Rack allows you to store and display your towels in your bathroom practically and stylishly. The oak panels soften the black metal frame, giving your bathroom a hint of the spa look.


  • One Paper Rack

Bathroom Rack is a smaller version of our Towel Rack and serves as a practical and stylish storage of toilet paper rolls. 


  • Three Small Wood Knots

Wood Knots are hooks made of Nordic oak in a simple Scandinavian style. They have a deep notch to prevent dishcloths and towels from sliding off.


  • One Paper Holder

Our stylish Toilet Paper Holder is both practical and easy to use. To change your toilet roll, simply slip off the leather strap at one end of the oak bar. The Toilet Paper Holder matches the rest of our bathroom collection and is available in soap treated oak, smoked oak, black painted oak.


Delivery time is within 4 weeks.