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Tips for appreciating exactly where we are- Home

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Dim the Lights

Why don’t we put more effort into making sure the lighting is right, the candles are lit, all of our senses are engaged? There’s an opportunity now to take this time, if we’re able, to find ways to make our homes feel a little cosier.

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Take Baths When You Can

We usually shower because there isn’t time. Slow down.

Sleep more. Allow Yourself to go to bed early and wake up a little later.

Make Your Bed

There’s a fantastic opportunity to set ourselves up for creation and appreciation. Whether it’s in the way, we set our table, how we style our bookshelves or making sure we make our bed every morning.

We used to have these quick moments before we rushed out the door, and all of a sudden, we can slow down and appreciate more.

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Wake up your senses and mediate

Burn your favourite candle, incense, sage, or palo santo as a ritual and meditate for a few minutes. This ceremony will start your day with focus and positivity.


Clean the Basement, Garage, or a Closet. Go through the things you’ve been saying you want to give away.


Reading can be such a big escape.

Celebrate each meal

Get out your lovely linens, your favourite plates and cutlery.

Now we cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner all at home. It means we have to stay on top of doing the dishes and putting things away properly and wiping down the countertops. But also what a treasure to be sitting down and sharing every meal with your loved ones.


Make Small Renovations

Because usually there’s never enough time to get through all we need to do.

And our favourite, spend more time outside.

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