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Sustainability in Mind

At Decoratein, we work to get sustainability into the heart of our business.

By buying Decoratein products, you give real meaning to your purchases and say no to today’s trends of waste and broken promises.

Our products are carefully selected with a focus on sustainability and natural materials.

We want to do our part to help move it in a better direction – both for people and the environment.

We want to inspire people to live a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle.

Becoming more sustainable is an ongoing journey.

Materials: today, 20% of our products are made from sustainable or recycled materials.

We strive to make it as straightforward as possible to recycle or re-use each of our product’s parts. That’s why we work with simple, honest and natural materials.

We always hope that our products will live for many years. We will continue to challenge ourselves to work with new and sustainable materials with each new design and unique collections.

Production: we love products with a unique story that also adds extra value.

We see this as a way of inviting our customers into the journey that each Decoratein piece makes – from the design process to the finished product.

Design: we have a passion for Nordic design with functionality.

We work with brands that create products that last, both in terms of function and aesthetics. For us, this means high-quality designs, and we believe it will last the test of time.

Packaging: our goods may not be packed in a brand new box every time, but all of our packagings are clean and fit for re-use. All of the team take pride in ensuring that you will be delighted when you open the parcel.

The most sustainable is for all of us to buy less, buy better, and keep things in use for longer.

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