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Summertime and the Hygge

Hygge can also be found in the summertime.

In Europe, the winters can be long, so by the time the months of June, July and August swing around, most people are chomping at the bit to be outside.

Whether it is time spent at the beach, in the countryside or even just enjoying lunches in local parks, the important hygge step here is to connect with nature as much as possible.

Make the most of the long, lazy days and nights, and engage all your senses so that you can best appreciate the summer sights, sounds, smells and tastes.

Here are some ideas on how to bring more hygge into your life in the summertime…

Walking in Sunshine: Even if your time feels limited, you can make the most of the sunshine by walking to and from work or opting to get off a bus or train stop earlier and walking to your job from there.

Get on Your Bike: Like so many Nordic countries, people are avid bikers, and this is definitely a pastime that should be encouraged more in Britain, Ireland and other less "bike-friendly" countries.

Indeed, going for a bike ride at the weekend or in the long, balmy evenings after work can help you feel full of the joys of living.

If you don't have a bike, remember you can buy one second-hand for relatively little cost.

Create Your Summer Hyggekrog: If you haven't set up a little "me-time" spot in your home, now is the time to do it. Simply arranging a chair or daybed in a sunspot and where you can go to read books or work on your handicrafts can be enough to infuse you with a sense of comfort and cosiness that lounging in the summer sun can bring.

If you don't have a garden – get creative. Go for a walk along the beach, or have a picnic in the park.

Join a Group: If you don't have friends and family around you, think about some of the activities you like to do and join a group. There are numerous hillwalking and running groups that bring people together weekly to indulge in their favourite pastime. This is one way to truly engage with a community of people in a hygge way.

Take benefit of these sunnier months to walk outside, spend time in nature, add colour & fresh flowers to your home, drink lemonade and eat lots of delicious food.

Happy hygge summer!

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