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Hygge in Autumn

Autumn is a time of transitioning from the heat of summer days to the cold and wet of winter.

In this period, you can prepare your home for those coming months of darkness and a lot of indoor activity. Take out your winter woollies, including the heavier blankets and throws you need in your living spaces.

Invest in more candles – you'll be using them much more now that the days will be shorter and darker.

Particularly if you have children, think of how you'll spend the "indoor days," stocking up on board games, new paints and drawing materials, and any other items that can be used to create fun for little ones or in gatherings of friends and family.

Warm Drinks and Food: The autumn is also the season when you start to drink more hot liquids, so consider building up a little "hot drinks station" in your home. Create a small spot that family members can use to make coffee, black and herbal teas, hot chocolate and the likes.

Add a cup holder stand for cups or hand-crafted mugs that feel lovely to hold in both hands.

Just because the family might be moving its main activities indoors, doesn't mean it's time to have noses stuck into digital devices again. If you've been enjoying summer life outdoors, it can be hard to settle down into activities within the four walls of the house again.

Make the Most of Autumn Outdoors

But, of course, autumn isn't all about being indoors. This time of year is one of the unique periods to spend outside. As the season's change, nature can put on impressive displays of colour, while the smell of fallen leaves, rain-splashed pavements and fresh, chilly air can delight your senses.

Wrapping up in scarves and a warm hat to go outside, can add to your sense of comfort and cosiness, and indeed, autumn is also a great time to start knitting your winter woollies.

For this reason, sit down with family members and devise a reading list for each member to get through up until Christmas. Don't make it "like homework" for the kids. Instead, talk to them about the kinds of books they'd like and mix their reading list up with fun puzzle books as well as storybooks. Add a few seasonal reads so that they can get excited about up-and-coming holidays such as Halloween and Christmas.

Organise a memorable trip to the bookshop or library, where they can choose their first book or two.

Halloween is the main celebration during this season, so think ahead to what you might like to do on this night to connect with friends and family. Gathering people together for a walk that ends at a pumpkin farm or devising your pumpkin carving garden party is a way of enjoying the company and being outside.

Fancy dress parties, complete with traditional games like pumpkin carving and apple bobbing is also fun for adults and children alike. Ask those who come to bring some home-made sweet treats to fill children's trick-or-treat buckets too so that everyone can contribute to making the party enjoyable.

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