How to create a Nordic style living room

Whether it's wooden floors with faux sheepskin rugs or fluffy cushions and knit blankets strewn across sofas, creating a hygge atmosphere at home is primarily about comfort.

The main parts for creating a Nordic style room is: light, functional and minimal.

8 tips for creating a Nordic style living room:


Light is essential to creating a true hygge home.

Like other living organisms on this planet, we follow the enduring rhythm of night and day, dark and light.

In Denmark and other Scandinavian countries where seven hours of daylight is followed by relentless darkness, natural light's importance does not go unrecognised.

Indeed, while natural light is vital to how we see, it is also essential to how we feel.

Artificial light should encourage the same sense of awe and appreciation.

So, think of the time of day when you feel cosiest and most content? Is it early morning, when the light is soft, pale light of early morning, or just as the sun begins to set and the sky is a blaze of orange and muted pinks? These are the kinds of lighting colours you should seek to recreate throughout your home.

Colours that imbue each room with a sense of comfort and relaxation; remind you it's OK to slow down and grasp all that is good in your life and home. (Shop Lighting here)

Functional furniture

Buy furniture that not only looks good but has a function like our Nordic range byWirth.

If you plan on holding regular large gatherings of friends and family, you should also ensure that there is enough seating so that everyone feels included and special.

Hygge it Up

A part of the Scandinavian style is to have a room that focuses on clean lines. It's important to add some softer elements and make your space feel cosier with Hygge.

To make your room feel cosier, add some faux fur rugs, soft blankets and lots of candles. Fairy lights also work well if you're not a fan of candles.

Neutral Colours

Like the popular minimalist style, Nordic style rooms tend to h